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Total 27 Portland Timbers football chants submitted by craig.baumberger

845 Tetris / Korobushka Chant The relentless building block puzzle game Playlist
938 Onward Rose City Onto victory Playlist
1070 Hey Portland Timbers Sung immediately following the national anthem Playlist
2484 PTFC initials of the Portland Timbers Football Club Playlist
2536 North End Noise Top soccer chant! Playlist
3252 Portland Timbers, Here We Go Portland Timbers, here we go Playlist
3597 Green Is The Color Written by Peter Yates Playlist
3660 We Are Mental Tune: “You are my Sunshine” Playlist
3710 Oh Rose City, Soccer City For when a change in the scoreline is in order Playlist
3801 Cleats Up Timbers! Instructions to turn cleats in an upward direction Playlist
3926 We’ll Be Coming When you hear the noise of the Timbers Army boys Playlist
4582 Dale Cavese Based on the famous chant by fans of Cavese Playlist
13607 Timbers Vs. Sounders Tifo U.S. Open Cup match June 30, 2010
13823 British Colony For Canadian oppositiion
13833 Give Beer A Chance Sung for our beloved alternate 'dry' facility, Merlo Field
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