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Total 12 Philadelphia Union football chants submitted by hastie.brian

1278 Philadelphia The most basic chant Playlist
2581 Faux Vuvuzelas Used when the opposing side is attackin the net, because the are annoying as all hell. Thank You South Africa! Playlist
3554 Sietz Everybody Sung after a save by goalkeeper Chris Seitz. Playlist
4412 Phil-a-delphia UUUUUUU-NION As it says on the tin Playlist
4638 Stickin' To The Union Usually sung after a opponent goal. Unveiled during the team name announcement. *Ed: See Youtube Playlist
4849 The Blue And Gold THe Blue and Gold to the Tune of "When the Saints Go Marching In." Playlist
5034 Oh Union Simple Playlist
5339 C'mon The U Another basic chant used throuought the match Playlist
7552 Dale O Dale Playlist
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