theextremeenema's football chants

Total 12 New York Red Bulls football chants submitted by theextremeenema

13489 Metro We Love You Philthy and the DC scum
14248 Soy Del Metro Spanish Anthem for the NY Redbulls
14469 CN Tower Up Your Ass SIDEWAYS!
15007 Ben Franklins Son Was A Tory Phillys SG is called sons of Ben, Ben Franklins son was a British loyalist (Ed: OK then and this means?)
16687 Conway’s Pants Just look
17445 My Sombrero It's been stolen!!!
17836 Who The F Is Dc United? And the metro marches on
17948 And Bimbo Is Their Name-O Philadelphia union football, presented by BIMBO for bimbos
19135 Street In Manhattan sung against houston
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