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Top 'avin a go football songs from USA

1631 USA Soccer Team USA Come On US, Score A Goal A cheer in hopes of a late winner Playlist
1892 Philadelphia Flyers USA Hey Ref You Suck When you have some crappy refs. . .tell 'um how you feel Playlist
1933 Kansas City Chiefs USA We're Gonna Beat the Hell out of You Fighting talk Playlist
2000 New York Red Bulls USA No Cojones Sticking it to you. . . Playlist
2341 Colorado Rapids USA The Utah Way Different breed those fellas... Playlist
2367 New York Islanders USA Hang the Ref Sticking it to the Ref Playlist
3231 Arizona Coyotes USA After Goal Chant NEW Warning: there are cuss words in chant Playlist
3292 New York City USA F the Red Bulls Song aimed at FCNYC bitter city rivals New York Red Bulls. Simple, but gets the point across Playlist
3294 Nashville Predators USA Hey You Suck! Not the clearest chant in the world sorry... Playlist
3320 New York Islanders USA Chicken Dance Rangers Chant Flap your wings!! Playlist
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3323 New York City USA Red Bulls, Your Seats Are Blue! Having a go at our city rivals Playlist
3358 New York Islanders USA We Hate, We Love All Together Now!! Playlist
3775 New York Islanders USA If You Hate Rangers Stand Up! A great ringtone if you hate Rangers Playlist
3795 Louisville City USA Goodbye Sung as the St Louligans (STLFC Supporters) were leaving the stadium Playlist
3876 New York Rangers USA You Can't Beat Us A great motivational ringtone for Ranger fans! Playlist
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