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1631 USA Soccer Team Come On US, Score A Goal A cheer in hopes of a late winner Playlist
5085 USA Soccer Team Bull... S*t! Sung when bad ref decisions are made Playlist
8843 USA Soccer Team USA - Not to Be Messed With Mean business Playlist
10934 USA Soccer Team Off! Off! Off! Get him off, ref! Playlist
11543 USA Soccer Team Boo! Lots of boo-ing from USA fans Playlist
12189 USA Soccer Team Our Goalie Is Better Than Yours The rest of your players are better than ours, but we have the best goalie!
16953 USA Soccer Team You're Not Singing over There All quiet on that side Playlist
17579 USA Soccer Team If It Wasn't for the Yanks... Reminder of some history
21418 USA Soccer Team You're Welcome... USA v. England Chant

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