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Football club playing in the USA National Teams, USA

6029 USA, USA, USA Simple one Playlist
6434 Woah Oh Oh Woah Oh Sung to the tune of the White Stripes Playlist
6765 Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Very simple chant for the USA Playlist
7685 We Are United Estamos Unidos! Sung after the World Cup qualifier in Mexico Playlist
7896 Bull... S*t! Sung when bad ref decisions are made Playlist
8169 USA! (Slow with claps) Simple one - good ringtone material for a US soccer fan Playlist
8317 You're Not Going to Brazil Sung when leaving the Azteca Stadium, Mexico after the World Cup Qualifier 2013 Playlist
8847 Boo! Lots of boo-ing from USA fans Playlist
8935 Cos We Support the US ...and that's the way we like it. We love you USA! Playlist
8952 USA (Claps) Ringtone material for any American soccer fan! Playlist
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9482 Everywhere We Go People wanna know! The mighty US... Playlist
9558 Ooooh USA USA, USA, USA! Playlist
10007 The Mighty Mighty US The mighty boys Playlist
10277 Timmy Howard (claps) Our goalie from New Jersey Playlist
10561 Woah USA Simple one - would make a good ringtone for anyone living in The States and wanting to support the USA national football team Playlist
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