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11396 Send Him Off Get him off! Playlist
11620 You're Not Singing over There All quiet on that side Playlist
12733 3 Points for the Boys A winner! World Cup 2014 Playlist
13425 Off! Off! Off! Get him off, ref! Playlist
13672 We Watch for the Boys What support is all about - to cheer on your team Playlist
17550 Here's to You Landon Donavan Landon Donovan Anthem
17561 If It Wasn't for the Yanks... Reminder of some history
18990 You're Welcome... USA v. England Chant
18991 Over There This was an American fight song during World War I written by Irving Berlin. It was used in a number of USMNT adverts leading up to South Africa 2010
20455 USA War Hymn (England and Mexico. Adaptable to Others) Taken from the Texas A&M Fight song. Why don't we use more college fight song tunes since that is uniquely American!?!? This is a first in a series.
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21684 Uncle Sam's Boys When the USA is coming to town
21692 He Goes by the Name of Clint Dempsey! He Goes By The Name Clint Dempsey
22127 Jozy Altidore This is a chant for US striker Jozy Altidore
22560 Our Goalie Is Better Than Yours The rest of your players are better than ours, but we have the best goalie!

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