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Green and White football scarf

Portland Timbers

4023 Green Is the Color

Classic football song from Portland Timbers

Song Lyrics

Well the city's been so quiet
Since the boys in Green went back
But it only took them three months
To put Portland on the map
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Yes the stadium's never heard the sounds
Of cheers in all its years
When the players come on the field
The thousands singing in their ears

Green is the Color
Soccer is the game
We're the Portland Timbers
And winning is our aim
So let's give all of the boys a cheer
For the Portland Timbers will be here

Now the stadium's dead without them
The cobwebs start to fall
Still the fans sit there waiting
For their Timbers to return
In the Taverns on the weekend
You can hear them from afar
Singing praises to their Timbers
As they're lifting up their jars


You ain't got to be 200 pound
Or a giant at 7'3"
To play this game called soccer
Which is growing rapidly

You can hear it on a radio
You'll see it on TV
You can join the Timbers Army
Let everybody hear you scream


So let's give all of the boys a cheer
For the Portland Timbers will be here

Submitted by craig.baumberger

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Comments on this PT chant

damn, this is such a good song. one of a kind. jealous galaxy fan here.
xbattlecatx LA Galaxy Wed 8 Feb '12  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
damn, you mad bro? we love the game, which seems to be more than you can say melissa. curtis.s.mcallister Portland Timbers Sun 21 Aug '11  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Timbers can't win s*ite to save their a*ses!!! Down at the bottom where they belong! This is the most retarded s*it I've ever heard! What is this the f*cking 70s again! F*ck off Portland scum! missmels6 Everton Tue 24 May '11  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Eh. What Curtis said is spot on. Go love your own team Melissa, stop hating on ours. derekradmad Portland Timbers Wed 28 Sep '11  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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