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Portland Timbers

13815 North End Noise

Classic football song from Portland Timbers

Chant of the Day March 1, 2012

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Song Lyrics

GROUP ONE: So who are we?
GROUP TWO: So who are we?
g1: We are the boys!
g2: We are the boys!
Full lyrics

g1: We’re from the North End and we're here to make some noise!
g2: Make some noise!
g1: For our boys!
g2: For our boys!
g1: And you will see!
g2: And you will see!
All: We're gonna jump and clap and sing for victoreeeeeeee!
And when we doooooo
You’ll know that noooise
Came from the North End Timbers Army Boys....(KEEP CLAPPING)
Oh Rose City...
Oh Rose City....
This is our team, the mighty P-T-F-C!

Submitted by craig.baumberger

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