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306 Houston Dynamo Songs & Football Chants

1370 Forza Houston Hey Forza Houston Hey Playlist
1500 El Matador El Matador Houston Dynamo Playlist
4168 We Want A Goal / Vamo Vamo We want a goal chant Houston Dynamo Playlist
5082 I'll Do Anything For You I'll do anything for you Houston Dynamo Playlist
5382 Dale Dale Dale Dale Dynamo chant Playlist
6005 We Want A goal And hurry up... Playlist
6019 Horto Magico My Dynamo... Playlist
6067 Move To One Side And To The Other Chant is in Spanish Playlist
6735 Yo Te Quiero Ver Campion Ed: We weren't sent the lyrics for this one. If you know 'em, just comment and we will sort it out. Thanks. Playlist


Houston Dynamo Golden Voices

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