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385 God Bless America Originally written in 1918 - very patriotic song by Irving Berlin. He came up with it whilst serving in the army in New York Playlist
698 We Love Ya! And that's the way we like it! Playlist
752 I Believe We Will Win Gotta believe! Playlist
860 American Boys We Are Here Woah, woah... Playlist
1865 Oh When The Yanks Uncle Sam's Army are coming again... Playlist
2099 Come On US, Score A Goal A cheer in hopes of a late winner Playlist
2245 We Are United Estamos Unidos! Sung after the World Cup qualifier in Mexico Playlist
2266 Star Spangled Banner (with music) A great version of America's National anthem... USA! Playlist
2365 Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Very simple chant for the USA Playlist
2387 Bull... S*t! Sung when bad ref decisions are made Playlist
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2545 Everywhere We Go People wanna know! The mighty US... Playlist
2694 The Mighty Mighty US The mighty boys Playlist
2744 Send Him Off Get him off! Playlist
2748 You're Not Singing Over There All quiet on that side Playlist
2795 Ooooh USA USA, USA, USA! Playlist
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How do you submit a chant without an audio file? ktbffhTXac Chelsea Fri 17 May '13  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Very nice. Although I am a Baylor grad, this would be good to sing when we play the redcoats and our neighbors to the south. UT's fight song and Baylor's 'New Fight' song would be good too, I'll see if I can add those. ktbffhTXac Chelsea Fri 17 May '13  · Re: USA War Hymn (England And ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Can we get a recording? I was at the US-Jamaica game and I remember hearing this, I'd like it to be my ringtone. Drock USA Tue 25 Sep '12  · Re: Oh USA  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
This. Is. A. B*oody. Copy! This song belongs to my bonnie Scotland, and then a b*oody USA supporter stole it! WannabeScottish Aberdeen Thu 26 Apr '12  · Re: Uncle Sam's Boys  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
nah we made it better
westwhitman USA Sun 28 Jul '13  · Re: Uncle Sam's Boys  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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